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Friday, May 29, 2009

Charles de Gaulle Park - some Romanian leader thought he would replicate the Champs d' Elysses and create a park that emulates the Eiffel Tower park - so here we are, at the French inspired park.
Crotch shot.

Piata Uniri - Romanian Fountain.

After the Museum of Romanian Peasants - smelled like dead people and was all in Romanian. still cool, however.

Musty Switzerland photo after 16.5 hrs of flying. goats, birds and Ricolla.
So far so good on our trip, doing all the touristy things - checking out museums and walking the streets. Christi and I are both suffering jet lag, yesterday was espcially brutal - kind of felt like a hangover, although a bit more groggy and nauseous than anything. Sleep it still a rare commodity, I think we were both up all last night.
Today taking the train to Brasov in Transylvania with some American chatchis from Florida. Looking forward to hiking and biking the mountains and checking out Draculas castle. will update on those endeavours later.

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  1. so happy you posted pictures. love it longtime!