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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

La Serena, Chile

Hello Chile.

A welcome reprieve from the ghettoness of Bolivia. We spent the last 3 days travelling through the Bolivian salt desert, where we saw blindingly white salt fields, aquamarine blue lagoons, flamingos, and epic sunsets while soaking in hotsprings surrounded by geysers and ice filled lagoons. The temperature was bitterly cold, I would guess minus 15 at its worst, but probably colder with windchill. Waking up in the overnight bus to Uyuni where we began our trek and looking out the window of the bus, we were oh so pleasantly surprised to find that it was SNOWING outside. yes snowing. after having found our tour company and having layered up in the unheated breakest place we were sitting at, we were presented with the option of either cancelling our trip or postponing it due to the snow. the town hadnt seen snow in 5-6 years, so the 5000m above sea level passes were supposed to be sketchy. long story short we made it after almost having to come back after we then confronted a major sandstorm where the 4x4´s windows were in jeopardy from flying rocks, we made it to Chile where we then hopped on a 17hr train to La Serena Chile. anyways owen needs to computer will update soon.


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