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Friday, May 14, 2010

To the Copa, Copacabana

Bolovia! We arrived yesterday am after an overnight bus that was supposed to be direct from Cusco to Copacabana, although they ended up droppping us off on the side of the street at 6 am to be picked up by a rough looking van that crammed us all in, and then another van once we got across the Peru- Bolivian border. Getting to Copacabana was a relief as it is a remarkably quiet town that sits on Lake Titicaca, one of the highest lakes in the world. We are currently sitting at 3200m above sea level and still finding it hard to breathe, particularly after trying to do any excercise or lugging your bag up 4 flights of stairs. The lake is beautiful blue and very large, almost looks like the ocean. Owen, Geoff and I got a great view after we hiked up the mtn for half an hour to reach the town cemetray for sunset. Yesterday also entailed a lot of sleeping as we have all become very burnt out. I thought for sure I would be really sick after the trek and overnight buses, where we had barely slept. Owen also suffered from the flu while we were away on the trek and is still recuperating. I have also self prescribed myself amoxicillin for a possible bladder infection ( i researched online!) as no prescriptions are necessary in Peru (and no clinics were open), sketchy! but actually it seems to all have worked out, so hopefully from now on we will all be healthy and well.

Next step for us is to get on a bus sometime today to go to La Paz, and then afterwards head down to the salt fields which are supposed to be amazing. Heard the weather at home is nice! Its sunny here but frigid at night, can´t believe I have gone back into winter, goodbye tan...

Talk soon.



  1. Talk about coincidences. The day that I read this part of your blog, I saw a sign that said that Seycove was doing a musical called Cafe Copacabana.