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Monday, May 24, 2010

Mendoza "Wine Country" Argentina


Last night Owen and I arrived to Mendoza, Argentina after a 7 hour bus trip crossing the beautiful snow filled moutains of the Andes that separate Chile and Argentina. We spent two nights in Santiago, a very European-ish city to see Geoff off on his flight back home. Santiago was fun lots to see, its a massive city, but the food was a bit lacking. What really stood out was how much meat places a central role in the diet of most Chileans, I either had to eat meat of suck it up and eat salad for days. The best was the pile of meat that you could get, which of course came with wine.

I,m pretty excited to do a wine tour in the next few days think we might stay two more nights here to fit some more things in (lots of activities to do here). This all will be done, however, only face stops swelling and I stop being covered in the craziest itchiest hives all over. Last night was hell I couldnt sleep all night because I was so itchy everywhere it was horrible. Both eyes ae swollen but almost one was swollen shut this morning it is so gnarly. I will try and post a pic I took two hours ago its gross but funny. I have NEVER had an allergic reaction this bad before (im not even allergic to anything...) and have no idea where its from but I took double allergy medicine and swelling has gone down a bit but am keeping the shades on today for sure. should probably go to the doctor but it is of course a national holiday here today and tomorrow so everything is closed.

Also lost owen last night. We rolled with some Brit boys who were going to a hostel and ended up in separate cabs that took us to two separate hostels (owen of course had allergy medicine that would have been helpful). but all is good now, after some confusion, Im now sitting next to him. Anyways have been hearing the weather at home is beach weather! here is cold still, but at least sunny. It is strange being somewhere where the leaves are all yellow and orange and falling on the ground. feel like ive missed a season altogether, especially since the flora is so much like what we have at home, except for the token palm tree here and there.

Anyhoo will let you know how the activities and swelling go here in the next few days.

Love Jess


  1. Go see a doctor Jess. You should find out what is causing this.

  2. Hi!
    I'm going to Argentina in September.
    I've been looking for Buenos Aires apartments, but I'd like also to visit some other part of the country.... do you think I should go to Mendoza??