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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mantanita, Ecuador - Surf Town


Just want to say we made it to Mantanita, the biggest surf spot in Ecuador. Place is pretty sweet, biggest surf town I have ever been to. Pretty unbelievable how the whole town in becoming one big hostel and restaurant. Every single building is one of the two and more construction is going on. Think this place is going to become a big tourist spot in the future.

Right now the town is pretty quiet, not too many gringos and gringas, but i am sure by the weekend it will be bumping.

the surf looks pretty decent to me, however, i am by no means an expert. Think the late afternoon appears to be the best. Just went for a run on the beach and lots more people were out at this time. Tomorrow we will be renting some boards and probably for the next few days as we plan to stay here until Sunday. Its REALLY nice to get to warm weather, Quito was cold, like I wore a toque, two flannels and a jacket cold. Hoping to finnaly get a bit of a tan.

Other than both Corey and Owen are good. We had to leave Erin last night :( as we are having to move fast to get Corey to Lima by next wednesday. We also said goodbye to the Germans we have been travelling with for over 2 weeks.

Quito yesterday was fun, there are some amazing view points from all over the city as it falls within a mountain valley. Hiked up the winding and steep staircases of a church to see an amazing panoramic view of the city. Erin and I were unable to get the full view, however, due to a severe inability to get over a fear of heights. Our hostel and the one across the street also had some great terraces where you could watch over the city while having breakfast or drinking a beer.

Speaking of beer, Colombian beer is the worst so it was so nice to get somewhere where there is good BIG beer :).

Anyways will update in a few.


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