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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quito, Ecuador

Hi all. Quick post.

We arrived in Quito two nights go after a looooong 13 hour day of travel by bus. Day time buses are way worse than the night ones because they stop everywhere picking up randoms off the street yelling the destination city out of the door and you tend to be awake for the majority of it. Prior to coming to Quito we spent a night in the university town of Popayan, Colombia. It was pretty nice, we ate great vegetarian and Mexican food. Owen Corey and I also got some sweet, but expensive, polaroid pictures from this famous old man who takes them in the park. We went out partying with the Germans and went to this pretty cool old locals bar where we got stared at so hard but got to experience something different. Afterwards we went to this really lame club, where everyone danced so old school, I got some pretty cool videos, which I deleted by accident but will try and post soon.

Anyways people are waiting for me to leave but I will maybe update tomorrow. Quito is really cool, amazing markets, awesome views of the City from bars, churches and the local mountainsides. Quito is also quite cool as we are in the mtns and 3000m above sea level. Anyways tonight me own and corey leave everyone for Puerto Lopez, the beach! so excited for that. update soon.



  1. miss you guys already...its raining in quito today, maybe go to the movies....enjoy the beach - sun....xoxox

  2. awww. miss you too. you will love it here.