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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Parque Nacionales Tayrona

So after i got back top the hotel last night after writing the last post corey and i had a pleasant surprise. pretty much passed out in our beds (it was 7pm _ we were beat), I heard a "Jesse"?. Opened the door and guess what the hotel guy said? "you have some amigos downstairs".

Erin and owen came to pick us up! It was really awesome seeing them. after all the emails, and skype sessions and planning we were finally all here in the same place in Colombia. They took us back to their hostel which is cute, four bunk beds and we have our own patio.

Today we spent the day at the Parque Nacionales Tayrona, where we walked through the jungle for an hour a half to get to a pristine beach for swimming. parque was beatiful and well kept, first time ive seen recycling bins since ive been down here.

anyways i just wanted to let you lknow we will be hiking in the jungle for the next 6 days to get to a Lost City about 45km from where we are staying now, so if ou dont hear from us in awhile you know why. its going to be hot, dirty and full of bugs, but fully worth the rivers, lakes, and amazing ruins we^re about to see.
don't worry we will be stcocking up on bug spray (as we are sleeping in hammocks in the tribe villages we will be passing)_ right now i am seriously a white juicy piece of meat compared with erin and owen. anyways will give full details when we return.



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