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Monday, April 19, 2010

Medellin, Colombia


Quick update. We arrived in Medellin this am after a hr bus trip. We ended up extending our time in Taganga to recover and clean up (big laundry load) from the trek. Medellin is a big city and is colder than the coast. didnt get up to too much today, slept for a bit when we got in to the hostel and then trekked around the city a bit. Owen Corey and I went on a gondola up the hill to get a view of the city, pretty much takes you up to a ghetto of the city. we got harassed a bit being the only gringos so didnt stay too long. was worth it though as we got to see some places along the metro line that we want to check out tomorrow. I find it ironic that a lot of these developing countries have a more developed, sophisticated and cleaner metro system than our own.

Think we´re going to stay another night here and then figure out where we are going to go from here, either to Bogota, Cali or straight to Ecuador as Corey is already almost half way through his trip! time is flying so fast.

Im trying really hard to find a city where we can see a soccer, err futbol, game soon. really want to see one!

anyways gotta run, but am going to post some pics hopefully but this comp is pretty lamo.

One funny thing i forgot to mention, we just happened to run into the guy who organized Boarders without Borders, of ALL places in a bus station last night. we live in a small small world! disappointingly he was a bit of a hippie weirdo from Vic, but has his heart in the right spot.

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