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Monday, June 29, 2009

"Cola, Fanta, Cervesas, Agua!"


This will probably be one of the last updates on our blog, which is very sad to say indeed. I cannot believe we go home in two days, although it feels as if we¨ve done so much in the past 5 weeks that I dont feel as if the trip has been short. Barcelona is as awesome as I remember it being the first time I was here, actually I would say its better because this time I actually got off my lazy ass and have seen 5 times the number of things I did the first time round. Christi and I have been keeping very busy seeing the sights, going to the beach (of course) and partying it up.

So far seen some of Gaudis (sp?) architecture, gone to the Park Guelle, the Olympic Park, and we did the Picasso museum. The Dali gallery and amusement park on the hill will be our next sights.

The nightlife in Barcelona has been a bit outrageous, by far the best of our trip. First night was pretty ridic (shortening random words is the new black okay...), we met a huge crew of people at the hostel, like 15 people, and hit the streets. Ended up going to a one euro shot bar with a completely loco bartender. When I went to pay for some drinks he literally took my hand and shoved it in his mouth, like knuckle deep, and slobbered all over it. It was so digusting. He then grabbed christi took her behind the bar and made her take photos with the bartenders. Being the rad person she is, she was able to negotiate some free shots in return for a picture with a pretty lady.

Thanks Kurt for all the skater bar recommendations, they have been fun. Met loads of skate bums from all over the world. One thing that sucks about Barcelona is the theft and prostitutes. Well boys get more victimized than we do, but seriously three of the people we have been out with so far have been robbed of their cameras. Our good Quebec friend Olivier lost all his pics of this epic 800 km Spanish pilgrimage he just completed, which left him with a really sour taste in his mouth on his last night in Barcelona. The prostitutes are crazy too, they seriously harrass the boys grabbing and pulling them into alleys. One of our Brit friends pretended to be this Aussie ´s girlfriend so that he would stop being harrassed and she ended up getting punched by one of the prostitutes. So theres been some drama, although, luckily none for us.

SO after 5 nights of being here and drinking tequila too often, I am looking forward to some down time in Van. to be honest we have literally dranken every single day (usually just a few beers :)) since weve been on this trip (yep im sure your really impressed, right parents?) so my liver is ready for a break.

anyways next steps for us are to fly back into London on Tuesday night, take a bus to a different airport, sleep in the airport til 11am when we catch our flight home. long story short we ve kind of effed around with our flight home so I am hoping that there are no issues in that respect (we cant really think of why there would be a problem) but we were supposed to fly out of Croatia not London. oops. :)
anyhoo I am looking forward to seeing everyone on Canada day and let us know what the plans are. muchos gracias.


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  1. Hey Jess,
    I am glad to hear you survived the jungles of SA. What a trip! But as your dad always says, the stories of the challenges are always more interesting than those of the uneventful times, that is, after it is all over. I am sure you have lots of stories to tell.
    I love you! All is well on the home front.