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Saturday, June 6, 2009


Vienna, vienna, vienna - what can I say, one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. We arrived yesterday and spent the entire day walking around this pretty enormous city (we also spent a significant amount of time shopping, which is bad).
After coming from more dirty, chaotic, non-English Budapest, Vienna was like a dream - clean, pretty, and loads of English speakers. Today we are going to go visit a palace, supposedly more extravagent than Varseille, and then go to this famous market and the museum.

In terms of night life both Christi and I have been pretty lame. Definately have been in bed by midnight the last three nights. A combination of walking our asses off, drinking every day, and sleeping in snoring infested/ loud talkers in the middle of the night environments, have led us to be thoroughly exhausted by the time night rolls around. I think deep down we also know that hanging out in Croatia and potentially Greece or Italy is going to be a partyfest, so we're stocking up on sleep reserves right now.

Plus the only places people are heading to are big clubs or trance bars - not especially my favourite places to chillang.

Anyways off to Slovenia tomorrow - will let you know whether the Alps are better than BC's mtns after that :)

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  1. Don't leave Vienna without trying the chocolate