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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ljubljana & Bled - Slovenia

Today Christi and I went to the best place ever (Bled, Slovenia). And our camera was dead. So this means I have to verbally describe to you how insane this place was.
Okay first, picture snowcapped alps that frame the little village in the hills. Then picture a lake that is glacier water blue. In the middle of this lake is a Church, fittingly called the ˝Church of No Assumption˝. It is an old church on a green little island with wide steps that crawl up to the doors of the church. It is boat access only. Then picture on a hill that overlooks the lake a huge old castle. The water is warm even though it is glacier water and pink lily pads rim the outside of the lake. Not only are there lily pads, there are also white swans that lounge on the beach of the lake. Yeah, swans.

So pretty much we spent the day walking the 6km around the lake and trying to suck in as much of this place as we could before having to leave. On a whim (as well as a on random spurt of energy) we did some laps up and down a set of stairs then stripped down to dive into the perfect lake, in the perfect mountains, in a perfect little village. perfect.

ok so i will stop gloating now. tonight we leave Ljubjana, where we have been staying the past day (we only did a day trip to Bled) to take a hellish 11hr overnight bus ride to Split, Croatia. O.m.g. I am dreading this trip, although I still have luckily one last book to read to get me through it (Susan Sontags Critical Essays on Theories and Works of Art - sure to put me to sleep)(kidding, Im actually excited to read it).

We have also done something fairly drastic. Oh the suspense...
We booked an eight day sail boat cruise around the islands in Croatia. Its costing us an arm and a leg but hey, we only live once, right? Right. I think it could be the highlight of the trip so far, although, it could be filled with Euro chatchis wearing speedos. I think our mentality either way is that it is going to be AMAZING (positive thinking), how could it not be with us on it - kidding!

Anyways I will try and find some google images of Bled to really colour in the current image in your head.



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