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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Micasa, Croatia

Tonight is the last night on the boat. I (and I know Christi too) are so ready to be out of our 4ft by 10ft little boat cabin and the severe boat rocking that occurs every morning as our our boat sails off in stormier weather than we experienced earlier this week.
I am also ready to not shower in a 2ft by 3ft cubicle of a bathroom where u literally shower in the bathroom, no differentiarion between the shower and bathroom, u can shower on the toilet if u so choose. Its pretty funny but at least we have our own compared to the other boats!

Enough whining though really - geeze eh? the boat has really been so nice. and the food, amazing, and so much of it!. fish soup, salad, fresh seafood, olive oil, olives, and flaky pastries are served every day for lunch. everything is homemade and fresh, i think the boat food has honestlly been the best we have eaten the entire trip. I see why they say the mediterrean diet is so good for u. croatians are also big into making their own crazy strong liquor 50 percent plus, which we got to drink last night thanks to our generous boat crew. oh god, so strong, burns the whole way down. but makes it a bit easier to sleep besides the biug party boats. speaking of parties tonight we celebrate our final night with a pirate slash cant believe u wore that to this party - party, then off to a club that is located in a rock cave off the side of a cliff. we,ll see how we feel tomorrow morning in our rocking boat in our hot rocking cabin :).

next up for up for us is still unchartered (no cheesy boat pun intended, i swear ) think we,ll be heading off to a desolate northern croatian island for some relaxation and scooters then either Montenegro or Italy - wherever the sea takes us I guess.

Wish us luck for tomorrow am :). hello seasickness.


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