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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dubrovnik, Croatia


Today we arrived in the town of Dubrovnik, Croatia, the biggest city on the Croatian south coast.

I should probably back up a few days and explain how we got here. I think i mentioned our random decision to take a sailboat cruise to all the major islands on the south coast of croatia. I think I also mentioned how we really didnt know what to expect of it. I think it would be fair to say that its been a bit of a surprise, I would say mostly good some not amazing but not bad. Our boat is a 60 yr old fishing boat that has been somewhat rebuilt so that it has more sleeping quarters. To sum it up the boat looks kind of like a really nice pirate ship with an eating area, a sitting deck and covered eating deck and then a top tanning deck. We are travelling with 2 other boats and ours is by far the nicest. And the smallest. So that can be for better or worse. We,re not exactly on the biggest party boat and our boat is like 90 percent girls (the 2 guys on our boat are with their g/fs). then again this has its perks - namely being able to sleep at night. Its cool though because all the boats do their own thing in the day and then dock up next to one another so at night its a big party with all the boats. we´ve been fortunate to meet a bunch of people from the other boat and locals from the random little islands we go to so nights are pretty fun.

we usually sail in the am after breakfast, so hangovers suck between 9am to 12pm, think rocking boat with barely any shade, ugh. These, however, subside once we stop in a little inlet or at a beach and spend the day swimming and hiking around the random little towns. the mediterarean weather has been amazing, if not a little too sunny (there have been some pretty gnarly sunburns for the fairer folk on the boat). Christi, as you can imagine, is killing people on the tanning front - so dark! Im jealous.

Anyways so far we have seen a lot of islands and have pretty much fallen in love with all of them. We re trying to check a bunch of them out to figure out where we want to come back to, maybe rent an apartment as we would really like to have a kitchen. the next few days will entail going back up the coast to the port town of Split, stopping at some national parks to check out waterfalls and to do some skootering until Sat. I think christi is posting some new pics - so enjoy!

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